Touch and Go: A Game of Shapes

Touch and Go: A Game of Shapes uses simple swiping and tapping to provide a gameplay experience that is both challenging, yet simple and fun.

Not your average avoider game! • Some shapes must be avoided, while others must be collided with. • Some shapes can be tapped on to score, while others will take points away. • There are even Special Shapes that grant bonuses!

Having a hard time? The Bonus Roulette has you covered. Whenever you lose, you get a shot at some awesome bonuses which include: • Immediate points added to your score • Bonus starting points for your next try • Starting with a shield • Even a chance to completely restart with your current score!

Features: • In-Game Tutorial to help new players hit the ground running. • High Score Leaderboard • Multiple Achievements • Facebook Integration - Receive bonuses just for sharing you score with friends. Pretty sweet, right?