Pro Hoops 2017

Pro Hoops 2017 is a simple, yet challenging, basketball game. Take on multiple game modes and unlock new basketballs and courts. Are your basketball shooting skills up to the test?

This basketball game has both casual, and competitive, versions of each game mode. Each with their own leaderboard.

Gameplay is simple: Tap anywhere on the screen and drag to aim the basketball. Then, release to shoot.


This basketball game has 4 modes:

Arcade ☞ An infinite mode where the player must make shots from varying distances. ☞ The basketball game ends when the player misses 3 shots.

Time Attack ☞ A fast-paced mode where the player must make as many shots as possible within a decreasing time frame. ☞ Each shot made earns more time. ☞ Players have to be both fast, and accurate!

Distance ☞ This mode is a test of the player's aim. ☞ Players start in front of the hoop. ☞ Each shot made increases the distance from the hoop. ☞ Each shot missed moves the player closer. ☞ The basketball game ends when the player misses 5 shots.

Practice ☞ A simple, infinite mode where players can perfect their skill.

Each game mode in this basketball game (Arcade, Time Attack, and Distance) have a casual and competitive version with separate leaderboards.

Can you make it to the top?