It's you vs the alien invaders! This unique mix between brick breaker, bubble shooter, and retro space shooter games is the perfect time killer!

Ricochet combines the challenge of brick breaker, bubble shooter, and retro space shooter games to create an experience that is both challenging and addictive!

But how? ★ You shoot like a bubble shooter: Tap and drag to aim, then release to shoot balls. ★ You score like a brick breaker: Balls bounce off of alien ships, dealing damage on each hit. ★ You move like a retro space shooter: Tap and drag along the bottom of the screen to move your ship left and right. (Active mode only)

Well, what's the difference? ★ The difference? Instead of balls, bricks, and tiles, its energy balls and alien ships.

Two Game Modes: ★ Passive Mode: A more relaxed mode where the game plays like a more of a brick breaker. The game moves at your pace. ★ Active Mode: A more challenging game mode where the enemy ships shoot back at you! ★ Both modes have separate leaderboards.

How To Play: Passive Mode ★ Your goal is to keep the alien ships away from your planet. ★ Tap anywhere on the screen and drag to aim; Release to shoot. ★ Shots bounce off of the alien ships' shields like balls in a brick breaker. ★ Each time a shield is hit, it takes damage. Destroy the shield to destroy the ship. ★ The game ends if the alien ships make it past you.

How To Play: Active Mode ★ Active mode works like Passive mode except that the alien ships shoot back at you. ★ When you shoot, a mini version of your ship will appear and shoot in the place you were aiming. ★ You can move the ship left and right by taping and dragging the ship. ★ The game ends if the alien ships make it past you, or if you're hit 3 times.

Features: ★ Bright and colorful retro feel. ★ Can provide both: A simple and relaxed gameplay, or a fast-paced challenge. ★ Convenient: Can be played with one hand. ★ Unlock new, more powerful ships! ★ Multiple leaderboards! Can you reach the top of them all? ★ Social Media: Take a screenshot in-game, and share it any way you choose (MMS, social media, email, etc).

You are the last line of defense! Good luck, and have fun!

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