Pocket Ninja: Super Swiper

May 26, 2017


Pocket Ninja Super Swiper is very simple and addictive ninja game!

As a ninja, your goal is to collect as many ninja scrolls as possible while avoiding the spinning shuriken.


How to Play
        ▶ Swipe to hop across the platforms.
        ▶ Collect the scrolls to score.
        ▶ Avoid the shuriken. If you get hit, your ninja will fall, and it's game over.
        ▶ That's it! Easy, right?


        ▶ Simple, yet challenging gameplay!
        ▶ Convenient - You can play with only one hand.
        ▶ Leaderboards - Share your scores with the world. Are you the best ninja?
        ▶ Share - Take a screenshot in-game, and share it any way you choose 
              (MMS, social media, email, etc). 
        ▶ Show off your scores to your friends!

Good luck, have fun, and be the best ninja!







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