Lit: Five Nights in the Woods

It's lit.... literally! You're stuck in the woods for five nights with hungry werewolves. The only thing keeping you alive are your campfires. Keep them lit in order to survive all five nights!

How To Play ▶ The campfires slowly go out over time. ▶ Use your matches and other tools to keep the three campfires lit until time runs out. ▶ The werewolves will attack the flames, so listen for their approach. ▶ Each time a campfire goes out, the challenge increases. ▶ If all three campfires go out, you're dog food!

Modes ▶ The game is broken down into five nights. ▶ Each night is more difficult than the last. ▶ If you're skilled enough to survive all five nights, try Endless Night mode! ▶ In Endless Night mode, you must keep the campfires lit for as long as possible instead of a time limit.

Share Feature ▶ Show off to your friends using the share feature. ▶ Post a screenshot of your victory using your favorite form of social media with a single push of a button.

Stay Lit!