Go Kitty

Go Kitty is a fast-paced reaction game that will test your reaction time! It's more than an infinite runner. More like and infinite jumper.

Your goal: Jump as far away from the danger wall as possible.

How To Play ▶ Simple controls: Tap the left side of the screen for a short jump, and the right side for long jumps. ▶ The challenge: The danger wall speeds up the farther you go. Some platforms are spaced farther out than others. ▶ Collect coins and diamonds to unlock new Kitties with special abilities!

<b>Features</b> ▶ Simple controls. Just tap the screen! ▶ Convenient: You can play with only one hand. ▶ Cute pixel art graphics! ▶ Unlockables: Unlock new Kitties that have bonus abilities! ▶ Leaderboards: Reach the top. Tell the world!

Try not to fall down!

How far can you make it?