SPAGHET was originally just a joke between my students and I during the time the meme was popular. I was originally not going to make this a game, but decided to try it out. I'm glad I did. This game alone was more successful than all of my previous games combined as it gained a bit of popularity at the time, and was played by various streamers and Youtubers such as Markiplier, Dashie, and Poiised.

I thank everyone for their support on this project, especially my late wife, Victoria, who passed away the day after this game released.

About the Game:

Very few can resist the temptation of a warm plate of Spaghet... and you're not an exception.

It's a quiet night. You settle down, ready to sink your hands into that stringy goodness, but there's just one problem: That's not your Spaghet. This isn't even your house, and the current residents don't take too kindly to having their food slapped around.

Suddenly, you hear a voice coming through the TV, then... darkness.

All you wanted to do was enjoy a plate of pasta, but now its about survival... and pasta.

Papa, Mama, Baby, and Goldie are coming for you. They see what you're doing, and they all want a piece... of you, that is.

With the Spaghet getting cold, you'll need to keep it warm while dealing with them.

Somebody has to touch it, right?