The Lamp Game

So I decided to make another game based on a meme. This time it's moth and lamp memes. The game itself is straight forward: collect the lamps, avoid the obstacles. The catch is that the moth glows so that the player can see the obstacles, but the light is slowly fading. Collecting lamps replenishes the light. The app store description is as follows:

I love lamp. Do you love lamp?

The time is now, my brothers. Our light is fading. Lamp calls for us. We must gather lamp for lamp will restore our light.

How to Play

  • Collect lamps to keep your light shining.

  • Tap the screen to jump from side to side.

  • Avoid all obstacles!

  • If your light fades, you won't be able to see where you're going!

Share Your Score With Friends!

  • Unique share feature that not only allows you to share your score through any form of social media, but also allows you add a moth meme to your score!

Go now, brother, lamp awaits!